Children's Centre Census 2013 Children's Centre Census 2013

Yesterday the 4Children charity published Children's Centre Census 2013 . This document tries to present a detailed picture of the curr...

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8:47 AM

The Impact of Fostering The Impact of Fostering

An interesting new publication from the University of Oxford examines an area that perhaps rarely receives attention. The Impact of Fosterin...

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7:32 AM

International Reports International Reports

3 separate recently published international reports have popped up in my feeds today, which seems as good an excuse as any for a themed blog...

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3:38 AM

They Took Us to the Sea They Took Us to the Sea

If you have 25 minutes to spare, today's post is a real treat. Below is They Took Us to the Sea , a charming but also very moving 1963 f...

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2:04 AM

EYFS Results EYFS Results

Today sees the release of the first set of results for the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Profile, which was introduced in Septembe...

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2:13 AM

The Right to Play The Right to Play

The Bernard van Leer Foundation (see previous post for details)has just published the latest edition in its Early Childhood in Focus serie...

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3:40 AM

Investing in Our Future Investing in Our Future

A common theme of research reports on early years education is the impact that such programmes have on the child in later life. Now another ...

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3:19 AM

Early Years Foundation Stage Handbook 2014 Early Years Foundation Stage Handbook 2014

The DfE has just published the latest version of the Early Years Foundation Stage Handbook . This is designed to support early years practit...

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4:55 AM

Ofsted Social Care Annual Report Ofsted Social Care Annual Report

Today sees the publication of Ofsted's first Social Care Annual Report . The report has already made headlines for concluding that child...

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3:17 AM

Free Research Seminar Free Research Seminar

I don't usually promote training events on this site, but this one's free and local so... On Tuesday 5th November the Centre for Res...

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5:51 AM

Early Years / Education Blogs Early Years / Education Blogs

A few years ago I did a mini-research project about Web 2.0 with our undergraduate students. One of the questions on the survey was "Do...

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9:13 AM

Too Young to Fail Too Young to Fail

A new report from Save the Children examines how children from low-income families can be affected by falling behind in school from a young...

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2:06 AM

1940s Childhood 1940s Childhood

3 videos for the price of one today... Below are some film clips from the British Council Film Collection , each depicting different aspects...

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2:20 AM