"71 million blogs... some of them have to be good." This is the quote which greets visitors to Technorati, a website which allows its users to see what topics are currently setting alight the blogosphere (in other words, what bloggers are writing about!).

The drawback of course, is working out how to find which of those 71 million blogs are most relevant to your interests. There's no magical service which can do this for you, so in the absence of such a guide, here's some suggestions for blogs which readers of these pages may find useful.

The TES has a team of opinionated bloggers who write about a range of education-related themes; their often insightful pieces can be accessed here. Mortarboard is a similar offering hosted by the Guardian. If you have an interest in primary education then Primary Teacher UK is a useful source of news and information, or for blogs about broader social issues try looking at the Community Care website (the link is in the bottom left of the page).

I'd like to add a 'blogroll' of links to useful blogs to this site in the near future; if you have any suggestions for content for this area then please leave a comment in response to this post or email me directly with your ideas.


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