Lifetime Loss Lifetime Loss

I lost my mother last week to Alzheimer's disease. We were wonderful friends and she was a delightful parent and support to me throughou...

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8:47 AM

2007 - That Was The Year That Was 2007 - That Was The Year That Was

If you're a huge music fan like I am, you'll know that this is the time of year when the shops are full of greatest hits collections...

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3:26 AM

Social Mobility Social Mobility

The Sutton Trust educational charity has published a study which examines how social mobility has altered in the UK in recent decades. The ...

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2:38 AM

Children's Plan / Commercialisation of Childhood Children's Plan / Commercialisation of Childhood

If you've seen the news today you can't have escaped noticing that today is the day that the Government unveils its Children's P...

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3:04 AM

Equality & Human Rights Commission Equality & Human Rights Commission

Those of you who have been asking me for information about discrimination in recent days should really take a look at the website of the Equ...

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2:49 AM

Free E-Books Free E-Books

Hopefully many of you have now made use of the growing collection of ebooks which are available through E-Book Library (EBL) via Athens. How...

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5:05 AM

Educational Evidence Portal Educational Evidence Portal

Probably the main function of this blog is to direct students and staff towards research reports and other useful information on the Web whi...

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3:43 AM

More from OnTheWeb More from OnTheWeb

Hot on the heels of the last issue of OnTheWeb comes the latest issue, which covers children and education-related research and reports whi...

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6:15 AM

Could We Have Made a Difference? Could We Have Made a Difference?

We went to California this past weekend to surprise my daughter for her 30th birthday. We also spent some time in San Francisco shopping and...

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9:42 AM

Child Poverty / International Education Child Poverty / International Education

The latest big report relating to child poverty is the 2007 version of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's annual publication, Monitoring P...

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5:44 AM