Step by Step Step by Step

I had an engaging conversation last evening with past early childhood friends about developmental stages in learning. I was in Orlando to ta...

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4:47 AM

Dissertations Dissertations

Following on from yesterday's post, if you're about to embark on writing your dissertation, then you're probably at the stage of...

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2:18 AM

DCSF Research DCSF Research

Usually around this time of year, our final year degree students are expected to have some idea of what topic they would like to focus on fo...

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6:11 AM

Ceruk Plus Ceruk Plus

Ceruk Plus is a database which contains details of thousands of completed or ongoing research projects relating to education or children'...

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3:40 AM

Foundation Stage Results Foundation Stage Results

Last Thursday saw the publication of the latest Foundation Stage results from the DCSF, outlining the achievements of children in this age g...

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2:53 AM

Mathematics: Understanding the Score Mathematics: Understanding the Score

Several headlines today are devoted to the content of the latest report from Ofsted. Mathematics: Understanding the Score examines evidence...

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3:46 AM

As Long As It Takes As Long As It Takes

The Action for Children charity has made headlines with its latest report. Entitled As Long as it Takes : A New Politics for Children , th...

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3:17 AM

Welcome Back! Welcome Back!

Judging by the higher number of visits the blog has been getting in recent days, you're all gearing up to start the new term, so today&#...

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3:17 AM

One-Day Bloom One-Day Bloom

We have a hardy Hibiscus in our yard which bloomed for this first time this fall. It is amazingly beautiful with a dark red bloom that measu...

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3:53 PM

Latest from OnTheWeb Latest from OnTheWeb

As usual the latest issue of OnTheWeb (see previous post for details) is packed with details of new reports and research relating to educat...

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3:33 AM

School Food Trust School Food Trust

In the wake of Jamie Oliver's series on school dinners, the School Food Trust was established to improve school food and the education ...

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3:49 AM

The Next Generation The Next Generation

The Centre for Social Justice is a thinktank which investigates how solutions can be found to the problems of poverty and the lives of thos...

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5:45 AM

Time for Play Time for Play

In June the National Children's Bureau published Play and Exercise in Early Years: Physically Active Play in Early Childhood Provision ....

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5:59 AM

Education At a Glance Education At a Glance

One for the number crunchers today... The OECD has just published Education At a Glance 2008 , it's latest annual comparison of educatio...

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8:19 AM

No, Not Yet! No, Not Yet!

We just recently completed a deck that has been in the planning for several years. As I sit out under the tree that grows from the middle, I...

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6:47 PM

Child Prostitution Child Prostitution

One of the topics that students occasionally enquire about is the subject of child prostitution. Understandably, doing research about such a...

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3:30 AM

New Teachers & SEN; EYFS New Teachers & SEN; EYFS

If you are one of our PGCE students, then you will spend one of your three placements in an environment working with children with special e...

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3:18 AM

Learning & Teaching for Black Children Learning & Teaching for Black Children

The DCSF has recently put together some materials to support their target of raising the attainment of Black children in the UK. The resourc...

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2:08 AM

New Foundation Stage New Foundation Stage

As I'm sure many of you are already aware, today marks the introduction of the new Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in England. The n...

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4:21 AM