Information on Faith Schools Information on Faith Schools

Following a student's request for information on faith schools, and having discovered a couple of resources that were new to me, it seem...

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4:32 AM

Creative Classrooms Creative Classrooms

A new article on the BBC website by education columnist Mike Baker talks about the benefits of creative classrooms . This has been prompted ...

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5:26 AM

Low Levels of Attainment Low Levels of Attainment

A recent report from the Centre for Research on the Wider Benefits of Learning examines what factors can influence low educational attainme...

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5:38 AM

ContactPoint ContactPoint

This week has seen the initial launch of ContactPoint , a national database which holds the details of every child in England . The service ...

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2:15 AM

But It's Cute! But It's Cute!

I am writing this while sitting on my deck eating ice cream (hey...its 90!). I recently remembered a teacher who was very unhappy with me wh...

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2:12 PM

Interesting Features Interesting Features

No big news stories today, so here are a couple of links to some interesting recent features in the Guardian. Last week the newspaper carrie...

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5:25 AM

Other Blogs Other Blogs

Some of the questions on the Web 2.0 survey we’re currently carrying out (see previous post for details – it’s still not too late to respon...

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3:24 AM

Vulnerable Children Vulnerable Children

The latest series of scoping studies from the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO) (see pr...

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5:01 AM

Nursery World Nursery World

Did you know that one of the leading publications in the early years sector offers free access to articles from its back issues? Visitors to...

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2:30 AM

Creativity Week Creativity Week

It's Creativity Week on Teachers TV (Freeview Channel 88), which should interest some of the many students who've made enquiries ab...

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6:01 AM

Child Protection - Response to Laming Child Protection - Response to Laming

Following Lord Laming's report and recommendations on child protection in March (see previous post for details), the government has res...

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3:48 AM

Forest Schools Forest Schools

Following a request for information on Forest Schools, today's post will deal with this topic. If you're completely new to Forest Sc...

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2:51 AM

A Happy Meeting A Happy Meeting

I just returned from speaking at the New York AEYC Conference in Brooklyn. What delightful people were there at the conference. I had the op...

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10:18 AM

Move Over Google? Move Over Google?

Let's be honest, when we talk about searching the Web, we really mean using Google. In recent years it's become far and away the mos...

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1:56 AM

Latest DCSF Research Latest DCSF Research

The DCSF often releases a collection of research reports at the end of each month; here's the pick of the latest batch: Drivers and Barr...

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3:06 AM