I Like the Real Thing I Like the Real Thing

Earlier this month I accompanied my granddaughter's first grade class to a museum of 'natural history.' I'm always disappoin...

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3:45 PM

Round Up Round Up

There haven't been any posts on here for a while, so here's a round up of recent reports in the early years sector: The government h...

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6:59 AM

Here We Go Again... Here We Go Again...

I recently heard from a former coworker who taught with me for a number of years. She mentioned that in her new district they are always rei...

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8:25 PM

Supporting Young Carers Supporting Young Carers

A new report from Ofsted has concluded that children who have caring responsibilities are often "unidentified, unsupported and without ...

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2:19 AM

School Leadership School Leadership

The DCSF has just published The Impact of School Leadership on Pupil Outcomes . This is a lengthy report which reports on a three year study...

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3:28 AM

We're Still Here! We're Still Here!

A number of students have asked in recent days whether the library is open during the summer. The answer, as in other years, is yes! From th...

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2:51 AM

Creative Summer Creative Summer

The Guardian is launching a new series entitled Creative Summer, which will explore how teachers, teaching assistants and pupils are finding...

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3:53 AM

She Can't Talk! She Can't Talk!

Every spring the turtle in our backyard pond goes wandering. We think it has something to do with trying to lay eggs, but we need to keep on...

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4:10 PM