Information Workshop Information Workshop

"Where do you get all the information for the blog?" "It must take you hours to find all this stuff!" "Haven't ...

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6:43 AM

Social Trends Social Trends

Following a request from a student for information about the UK, I was reminded that I haven't yet put up a link to this year's edit...

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3:34 AM

Playday 2009 Playday 2009

I've been a little slow off the mark with this one, but the 5th August was this year's Playday , an annual event which celebrates ch...

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4:22 AM

Social Care TV Social Care TV

This blog often mentions Teachers TV and some of the many useful programmes that you can find on their website; now the Social Care Institu...

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9:49 AM

Children's Workforce Development Council Children's Workforce Development Council

The Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is largely funded by the DCSF and helps to co-ordinate the way that the various age...

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2:38 AM

The Human Family The Human Family

I was having a conversation with a coworker recently about supporting children who come from different family configurations. I told him tha...

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6:40 PM

Fathers, Family & Work Fathers, Family & Work

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has just published a short report which examines how working fathers attempt to juggle their work-...

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8:06 AM

Primary Review - Final Report Primary Review - Final Report

Today sees the publication of the final report of the Cambridge Primary Review , which has been widely described as "the largest review...

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2:22 AM

SEN / Childcare Providers SEN / Childcare Providers

Here are details of two new reports from the DCSF, both of them of interest to those of you looking for figures / statistics: Children with ...

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6:19 AM

Early Learning Partnerships Early Learning Partnerships

A new study by the Family and Parenting Institute examines the impact of the Early Learning Partnership Project (ELPP), a government-funded...

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2:55 AM

Protecting Children in Birmingham Protecting Children in Birmingham

A new report on Birmingham's children's social care department makes for uncomfortable reading. Following criticism from Ofsted, a t...

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3:07 AM

Building Brain Connections Building Brain Connections

I was traveling on an airplane this week and I had the privilege of sitting next to a mechanical engineer. He was traveling for work on his ...

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6:51 AM

Children and Domestic Violence Children and Domestic Violence

A new study from the NSPCC examines the difficult issue of domestic violence and the support received by children who are witnesses to such ...

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2:27 AM