Glossary Glossary

If you're baffled by the incredible array of acronyms in the childcare and education sector, then you should find this glossary very ha...

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9:05 AM

Broken Links Broken Links

In recent weeks several people have mentioned that links which they followed from this site were broken. I'm currently checking the link...

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9:02 AM

Creative Art Rules! Creative Art Rules!

I have continued to get feedback for my blog entry a couple of months ago about disliking coloring books or pre-printed pages. I have been t...

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12:36 PM

Coalition Plans for Children, Families & Education Coalition Plans for Children, Families & Education

The new government's approach towards the early years and family sectors is being made clearer. Today's post is simply a collection ...

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11:05 AM

Destitution and Refugee Children Destitution and Refugee Children

New research from the Children's Society claims that the number of asylum-seeking children who fall into destitution is increasing . Be...

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2:34 AM

Children's Sector on Hold Children's Sector on Hold

The new Department for Education has called a moratorium on the work of all government quangos and arm's length bodies in the childre...

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6:51 AM

Best Children's Books Ever Best Children's Books Ever

If you're involved with helping children to read, then you may be interested in a recent piece on the Guardian website, which serves as ...

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1:45 AM

New Education Secretary New Education Secretary

Following the change of government, it's been announced that the new Education Secretary is Conservative MP Michael Gove. In recent week...

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5:24 AM

Beautiful that an Oxymoron? Beautiful that an Oxymoron?

Snake lovers don't be upset, but I hate snakes. I know you can list all of the wonderful aspects of the reptiles, but I just can't m...

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5:42 PM

Eyes & iGoogle Eyes & iGoogle

If you're a user of the EYES Search service on the right of this page, then you can now add an EYES Search box to your personal iGoogle ...

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1:53 AM

Bits 'n' Pieces Bits 'n' Pieces

Over the last few weeks the election campaign has ensured that there are less government reports and research to report on than usual. Which...

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7:35 AM