Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Development Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Development

This post is essentially a plug for an incredibly useful site for students on all early years courses. The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood D...

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7:17 AM

Not Present and Not Correct Not Present and Not Correct

A new publication from Barnardos tackles the issue of school exclusions by claiming that excluding disruptive pupils can cost three times a...

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6:58 AM

Curiosity Curiosity

Our cat, Esme, likes to sit by the glass door and watch what is happening outside. I'm sure she is naturally curious because she spends ...

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7:31 PM

QR Codes QR Codes

As promised, an explanation of last Friday's post... The picture in the post is called a QR code. Essentially it's a 'super barc...

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3:54 AM

The Importance of Teaching - The Schools White Paper 2010 The Importance of Teaching - The Schools White Paper 2010

If you watched the news yesterday, you probably saw some coverage of the launch of the government's white paper outlining their plans to...

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2:33 AM

Ofsted Annual Report Ofsted Annual Report

Ofsted's annual report for 2009/10 is published today, with information on all aspects of education and childcare. Ofsted have set up a ...

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3:57 AM

What's This? Part Two What's This? Part Two

Congratulations to Lisa Perrett on providing the correct answer to Friday's puzzle (see previous post ). To others who've attempted ...

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5:50 AM

What's This? What's This?

We're always investigating new ways to communicate news & information with our users, so today's post is a bit of an experiment ...

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5:52 AM

Reading By Six Reading By Six

Ofsted's latest report highlights the success of using phonics as a tool to teach children how to read. Reading by Six: how the Best Sch...

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2:02 AM

Children's Sector Reforms Children's Sector Reforms

The latest government changes to childcare provision have been published today, with the announcement that children's centres will no lo...

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5:35 AM

Children and Alcohol Children and Alcohol

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has been carrying out research into the relationship between children and alcohol, and recently published tw...

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6:40 AM

Born Creative Born Creative

A major new report from the Demos think tank entitled Born Creative is published today, and explores the issues surrounding creativity in t...

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4:47 AM

Connecting the Dots Connecting the Dots

I am attending the annual NAEYC Conference in Anaheim. I always enjoy this conference because it is wonderful to see such a large group of p...

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6:22 AM

Class Blogs Class Blogs

Looking for ideas on how to use online teaching tools with children? An article from the Guardian website entitled Class Blogs: a Better Way...

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5:51 AM

Playwork Education & Skills Strategy Playwork Education & Skills Strategy

SkillsActive have today published a new five year strategy to encourage workforce development in the play sector . The document has been wri...

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6:23 AM

New DfE Research New DfE Research

The end of each month usually sees the publication of a collection of new research reports from the Department of Education (DfE), and Octob...

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3:29 AM