Counting the Costs of Childcare Counting the Costs of Childcare

The affordability of childcare has been a hot political topic in recent years and now a new report is adding to the debate by claiming that ...

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9:24 AM

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Social and Emotional Wellbeing

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has just published a guidance document entitled Social and Emotional Wellbe...

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6:58 AM

Children & Media Children & Media

Ofcom has just published Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes , which examines how young people interact with different media types...

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9:05 AM

International Education International Education

If you're looking for information on education in other countries, a really good starting point is the International Education Libguide...

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5:25 AM

Child Protection in Birmingham Child Protection in Birmingham

Birmingham City Council is unfortunately in the headlines for the wrong reasons after a recent surprise Ofsted inspection judged their child...

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1:44 AM

Double Dutch Double Dutch

Today the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has published Double Dutch: The Case Against Deregulation & Demand-Led Funding in...

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7:56 AM

Research for Teachers Research for Teachers

One for the PGCE students today... Back when the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) was still around, they published a series of re...

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2:43 AM

Helping Children Bloom Helping Children Bloom

We are getting ready to say goodbye to our flowers for the season.  In our area, flowers disappear with the first frost.  Although a little ...

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9:51 AM

Education on the Web Education on the Web

I normally try very hard to stay impartial when posting information here, by just describing what an item is and posting a link to it, and t...

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6:59 AM

Suggested Reading for Students (again) Suggested Reading for Students (again)

It's the first week of teaching, which explains why there's currently a daily stream of students in our office asking what Early Yea...

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3:54 AM

The Cost of A Child in the Twenty-First Century The Cost of A Child in the Twenty-First Century

I'm about a month behind with today's post, but better late than never... The Child Poverty Action Group recently published The Cost...

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4:06 AM