This time of year is always busy for those working in education as staff prepare for the new academic year which is about to begin, and it seems that the same applies to the DCSF as they have released a number of relevant documents in recent days. Today has seen the publication of the latest figures on Key Stage 1 Assessments in England, which show only slight changes from last year's results. It will be interesting to see how next year's data compares, as this year will see the introduction of the renewed Primary Framework for Literacy and Mathematics, as well as increased emphasis on the use of phonics in literacy teaching.

Students (particularly those taking the PGCE) may also be interested in Newly Qualified Teachers’ Experiences of their First Year of Teaching, which details how NQTs are coping with their first year in the workplace. This is the latest report from Becoming A Teacher, which is a six-year project focussing on teacher's experiences during their initial training and early professional development.


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