When I returned to work today I expected to have to wade through a sea of new reports and research from the last fortnight, so that I could pick out the most relevant ones to highlight for this blog. However, it seems that everyone else is on their summer breaks right now as there have been surprisingly few new publications of interest during the past two weeks. This gives an opportunity to draw attention to one or two items which I appear to have missed before disappearing on holiday.

The end of July saw the launch of the DCSF's Ten Year Youth Strategy, which aims to provide improved youth facilities throughout the UK. You can read the whole document online, or the press release which announced the scheme should give you a flavour of the main proposals.

There have also been a number of other new research reports from the DCSF. As we have a large number of Teaching Assistants and HLTAs studying at the College, it's worth drawing attention to Deployment and Impact of Support Staff in Schools, which provides a detailed look at the role of such staff within schools. Sure Start Local Programmes and Domestic Abuse and
Minority Ethnic Pupils in the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England are two other new reports that may interest some of our readers.

Finally, it seems that the government has embraced the zeitgeist by opening a YouTube Channel for the DCSF, where they can post videos directly. There's only a couple of films there so far, but if you're curious then no doubt others will be added soon.


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