There has apparently been a surge in cases of measles among children during the summer months; possibly one of the reasons behind this is th...

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3:52 AM

Key Stage 1 Results / NQTs Key Stage 1 Results / NQTs

This time of year is always busy for those working in education as staff prepare for the new academic year which is about to begin, and it ...

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5:36 AM

Getting On Well Getting On Well

Ofsted has today published a new report on childcare provision within England. Getting on Well: Enjoying, Achieving and Contributing is the...

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7:56 AM

NSPCC Inform NSPCC Inform

NSPCC Inform is a growing collection of research data and reports on child protection issues. Most of the materials in the site can be acce...

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6:20 AM

Obesity Obesity

After a quiet couple of months, stories about childhood obesity are once more in the media, after two new studies have highlighted new areas...

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6:15 AM

Summer Break Continued... Summer Break Continued...

When I returned to work today I expected to have to wade through a sea of new reports and research from the last fortnight, so that I could ...

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6:13 AM

A New Beginning A New Beginning

Every fall seems like a new beginning in education. I have grandchildren starting school and my daughter-in-law is opening a preschool. Ever...

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8:29 AM

Summer Break Summer Break

Judging by the stats that I am getting for this blog, we’re beginning to build an audience of loyal readers who return on a regular basis to...

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2:43 AM

Starting School / International Education Starting School / International Education

When should children begin their education? According to some speakers at the Professional Association of Teachers ' annual conference, ...

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3:02 AM

Web 2.0 & Education Web 2.0 & Education

Something a little different today... One of the buzzwords currently doing the rounds in newspapers and magazines is 'Web 2.0', alth...

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4:57 AM