Families & Childcare / Play Families & Childcare / Play

Following on neatly from yesterday's post about grandparents, the DCSF has just published a new research study of how modern families pu...

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3:50 AM

Grandparents & The Family Grandparents & The Family

Today's post concerns a new report from the national charity Grandparents Plus . The organisation recently commssioned Yougov to survey ...

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6:35 AM

Intrinsic Rewards Intrinsic Rewards

Since I don't have my own early childhood classroom any longer, I sometimes forget the feeling you get when a child learns something new...

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9:42 AM

The Database State The Database State

A new report commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation claims that of all the the UK's public information databases, over a quarter...

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4:41 AM

Targeted Family Support Targeted Family Support

A rare post for our family support workers today... the charity Action for Children has just published an evaluation of their own family sup...

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9:14 AM

Birmingham's Parenting Support Plan Birmingham's Parenting Support Plan

Those of you working within children and family services in Birmingham may or may not know about the launch of the City Council's Integr...

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3:22 AM

Ending Child Poverty Ending Child Poverty

Another day, another report on child poverty... The latest publication in this area is actually less of a report, and more of a manifesto fr...

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4:49 AM

Deprivation and Education Deprivation and Education

Several students have enquired in recent days about information sources that examine the link between a child's background and their edu...

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4:37 AM

Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children

In an echo of last week's Laming report (see previous post for details), a new survey from the DCSF suggests that many organisations in...

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6:03 AM

Fear of Youth is Worse than Ever Fear of Youth is Worse than Ever

"What is happening to our young people? They disrespect their elders, they disobey their parents. They ignore the law. They riot in the...

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5:57 AM

Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking

I've written about social bookmarking before (see previous post for details), and specifically a service called Delicious . Basically,...

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6:09 AM

The Protection of Children in England The Protection of Children in England

If you've seen the news this morning, you can't have failed to notice that today sees the publication of The Protection of Children ...

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6:08 AM

Money for Early Childhood Money for Early Childhood

I agree with one of the comments from my last entry about the wish that all preschools and daycares can benefit from the stimulus money that...

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9:03 AM

Latest from OnTheWeb Latest from OnTheWeb

The latest issue of OnTheWeb (see previous post for details) is as usual a goldmine of information for finding out what's been going on...

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5:55 AM

Does Every Child Matter? Does Every Child Matter?

A new report which is launched today already looks like proving controversial, by arguing that child asylum seekers are not being treated un...

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2:41 AM

Disabled Children Disabled Children

The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO) has recently published a series of studies which ...

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5:25 AM

Safari Safari

It's a slow news day so here's a couple of pointers to help brush up on your online research skills. Safari is an interactive tutor...

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4:22 AM

Maths Teaching: Does It Add Up? Maths Teaching: Does It Add Up?

Last September, Ofsted published Mathematics: Understanding the Score (see previous post for details) which examined evidence of how maths...

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2:25 AM

Cybermentors Cybermentors

The Beatbullying charity has launched a new website dedicated to tackling the growing problem of cyberbullying. Entitled Cybermentors , the...

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1:47 AM

Let's Hope... Let's Hope...

The economic downturn has everyone worried and many in uncomfortable circumstances. We know that when a family is in peril and stressed, it ...

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6:46 PM