Something a little light-hearted for Friday... every week the Guardian newspaper has a column called Readers Recommend..., where readers are invited to send in suggestions for their favourite songs on a particular subject. This week the chosen topic is children's songs, and while I can't pretend to be familiar with all of the final list, it certainly looks like an interesting selection if you're searching for music that a child might enjoy. Here's the article in full.

Strangely the list contains no AC/DC, who my four year old niece claims are her favourite band...

Have a look at the videos below for some more ideas on music for children. The first is from an album called Now the Day is Over, a collection of lullabies released by an American band called The Innocence Mission; the second is from a 1970s series with the fabulous title Schoolhouse Rock!, and introduces children to the joys of the three times table.

Do you have any songs that you would recommend for children? If so, leave a comment below to share them with other readers. Here's how to do it.


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