Providing High Quality Child Care will assure that children in your program will receive the highest quality of care. Moreover, your childcare business will stand out from the rest and your staff will be provided with professional standards.

What is Quality Care? As I browsed all of my early childhood resources and searched the internet for a definition of quality care, I discover that there were many definitions of Quality Care. However, the Webster's Dictionary defined Quality as a degree of excellence with high social standing.

To assure that you have a High Quality Child Care program that consists of excellent practices, here are 3 ways to assure and improve the quality of care in your childcare business:

1. Strive to get your child care program Accredited with a National Association or local association in your state. Having accreditation will assure that you provide the highest quality of care. Here is a list of Accreditation Programs to get you started on your Journey to providing Quality care.

National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs
National Association for Family Child Care
National Association for the Education of Young Children

2. Now it is time to develop a plan to maintain the quality of care. Your plan must include the strategies that you will take to implement a quality program. Your plan could include the following:

• Create a written plan that lists how you will implement Accreditation/ Quality practices in the program and how the practices will be monitored
• Define what your quality practices and post them
• Train staff on Quality Practices
• Hold weekly/ Monthly meetings on Quality practices
• Issue memos as reminders of Quality Practice
• Post Quality Care Signs as a reminder for staff

3. Assessing the Quality care practices in your childcare business is a sure way to hold your staff accountable and for training purposes of your staff. Another way to assess the quality of care is by getting feedback from parents. A great way to assess quality practices is by observing the staff, discussing the observations and creating a plan of improvement if needed.

Now that you have the steps to creating and maintaining a quality childcare business, you have the first steps to operating a Quality childcare business. I wish you much success with your childcare business and Thank you for all that you do for young children!


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