And School Begins... And School Begins...

It is that season again when most school systems begin a new academic year.  We started classes at the university last Monday, but most of t...

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5:32 AM

Summon Summon

Just a quick notice for UCB students: the Summon search service will be undergoing essential maintenance over the next few days. We will at...

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5:43 AM

The Education Debates The Education Debates

Required listening over the next couple of weeks: John Humphrys is presenting a 3 part series on Radio 4 entitled The Education Debates , in...

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7:03 AM

Charley Junior's School Days Charley Junior's School Days

Just a little something to keep site users going over the summer (there doesn't seem to be a lot of news at the moment!)... The film bel...

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6:09 AM

The Role of PCT Therapy in Bodybuilding The Role of PCT Therapy in Bodybuilding

For practitioners and athletic fitness, increase muscle mass and strength quickly is one of the most desirable state. The various elements i...

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12:31 PM

Literacy / Language Literacy / Language

First post in nearly a month! Well it is the summer... The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment in Ireland (a rough equivalent of ...

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2:57 AM